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Spa Description

Cheeva Signature Massage

This massage captures the being of Cheeva Spa and Thai Lanna essence We believe that a truly relaxing massage is therapeutic in nature. This massage through a well intentioned Therapist connects with you. By paying attention to the client, and leading the client by following, thus encouraging a greater release and allowing a deeper state of relaxation to occur. All aspects of the body are afforded attention and respect by the therapist. Combining the synergy of Traditional Thai massage, Balinese Massage, Swedish Massage, and Lomi-Lomi, It is the goal of this massage for the release and relaxation of the muscles to continue long after the therapist has finished. Enabling you to Relax for a Longer Life.

Traditional Thai Body Massage

Thai Traditional Massage is also known as Thai ancient massage, Thai yoga massage, even as "lazy-man's" yoga. The Northern style of Thai Massage based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand uses many stretching movements (the receiver is put into many yoga like positions during the course of the massage),which is practiced here at Cheeva, unlike the Southern style where acupressure is emphasized. The intention of the Thai Massage (both styles) is to free and clear the energy or Sen lines. As Such, Thai massage may be more energizing that other forms of massage, while reducing stress, improving flexibility, and range of motion. This massage is and should not be painful, if you had a Thai massage and it was painful, we suggest you have one with us. Please note that when only having Thai massage, the minimum amount of time is 90 minutes, with the optimal time for only Thai massage being two (2) hours.

Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage

This massage incorporates the healing, and energetic properties of essential oils to enhance the relaxing and soothing of the body, mind, and soul. Combing subtle pressure and aromatherapy to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems (to rid the body of toxins and energy blockages) while inducing a very relaxed state of calm and well being. This is the massage that is highly recommended to our regular customer as well as first time customer and first time massage recipients. We do not just rub and gloss over the body with oil, unless requested.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

A traditional massage using an herbal ball containing over 13 natural Thai herbs; the heat from the herbal ball increases the blood flow, allowing the medicinal properties of the herbs to penetrate and assist in relieving muscular pain, including the aroma of the herbal balls which further help to relax and release tension in the body.

Lanna Exotic Massage

A Unique Northern Thai style of massage that incorporates the five senses, providing an experience which can only be best described as "Northern Lanna Exotic Massage". This massage uses Tok Sen (a traditional massage using a wood instrument to tap the body to clear and free the energy lines. In Thai these energy lines/channels are known as Sen Lines. There are more than 72000 Sen lines in the body) to release the energy blockages and freeing the muscle tension, combined with aromatherapy oil massage thus allowing the therapist to provide an overall state of well-being.

Hot Stone Massage

Using basalt (volcanic) stones to work the entire body, this is truly a relaxing massage on many levels. The stones are heated and used to melt away the stress and tension in the body. This massage can be a very deep massage, even though it may feel rather gentle, as the heat from the stones penetrates the many layers of fascia and muscles within the body. For a deeply relaxing massage and nerve calming massage, a stone massage is for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

A technique that assists in releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger/palm/arm pressure on contracted areas, following or going across the grains of muscles, tendons and fascia to help release muscle tension and "knots" in the muscles. Do not confuse a Deep Tissue massage with strong pressure. The purpose and intention of the massage is to work the deeper muscle layers of the body, and this is best done by softening and warming of the tissue/fascia. As we do and perform this massage, it should not be painful, it may be uncomfortable at times, but we do not wish to cause pain. It is important to communicate with your Therapist if/when you are in pain, so the therapist may best work through the issue with you.

Massage & Body treatments

Here at Cheeva Spa, we offer a variety of massage styles and body treatments. With an emphasis on Aromatherapy and Traditional Thai massage; we strive to help you relieve and eliminate the stress, tension, and toxins with in your body. Using all natural products, ingredients, and traditional Thai herbs during your Body Scrub, Body Wrap, Facial treatment, and Thai Herbal steam, your body is better able to process absorb and utilize the natural beneficial and medicinal properties of the ingredients and spa products used here at Cheeva Spa. Example: Our preferred and most popular body scrub: Thai Coffee/honey/ yogurt scrub is freshly prepared either just prior to your arrival to it is fresh and ready to be used for your spa service. This follows with our belief that if you can eat it, you can put it on your body. As your skin is your largest organ of the body and suffers much abuse day in and day out. Take time to provide it a nice fresh natural body treatment.

Cheeva Hot Oil Massage

Using the healing combination of essential oils and heat; the hot oil massage will soothe and relax the customer as the warmth of the oil increases the blood flow allowing more of the healing properties of the essential oils to penetrate more deeply into the skin and body. This wonderful combination allows for a very soothing, mind calming, and relaxing massage.

Swedish Massage

This is the most common and well known massage in the world. The intention of Swedish massage is to increase blood circulation and range of motion. Using traditional massage techniques (e.g. effleurage ( gliding), pretrissage (kneading, friction), stretching and (sometimes) tapotement (tapping) generally in the direction towards the heart with a medium pressure, this is the basic and most common oil massage style used around the world.

Relaxing Foot Massage

This foot massage is given with reflexology as the basis and belief that the feet represent the entire body. Taking time to lay back and put your feet up, allows the entire body to relax and let go. Using our refreshing moisturizing cream to work into the feed and legs is a spa treatment in and of itself. When given prior to a massage or spa package, this relaxing foot massage is like having a preliminary "full-body" massage. Working the zones and pressure points on the feet, this massage will assist almost everyone to Relax for a Longer Life.

Facial Treatments

Our facial treatment is an extensive six (6) step process to bring back natural beauty and glow. For one long luxurious hour our therapist will cleanse, scrub, massage, apply facial mask, apply facial detox, and finishing with a facial moisturizer, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and looking years younger. It is not an extensive harsh abrasive facial, as we feel your face already suffers enough each and everyday. Nor do we perform any extractions. We take time to gently cleanse and clean your facial skin as it is more fragile than the skin of your body, and we treat it as such. As we wish for your smile to glow and show how clean and healthy your skin is. To boost a facial treatment's effectiveness, it is best to have a full body treatment to help clean/cleanse the body, as this will be highlighted and reflected via your facial.