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A full spa package in only 2.5 hours for ONLY 2,299฿   (Special Promotion July 2017)

You will begin with our traditional cleaning of your feet. You will then be escorted to your room. Wherein, you will enjoy our Thai Coffee and Honey Body Scrub. Having a full body exfoliation, not only gives you younger and more softer skin, but also you will have all the dead and old skin removed from those hard to reach areas. (It is suggested that one has a body scrub at least once a month). After your body scrub, you will enjoy our full body aromatherapy oil massage. The benefits of a full body aromatherapy oil massage are heightened as the upper layer of dead skin has been removed therefore a greater penetration of the essential oils may occur. With the skilled hands of our Therapists giving a massage (not just rubbing oil on your body), you will be able to have any sore tight muscles released, allowing you to relax a bit more. After your massage, you will receive our Six (6) step facial treatment, consisting of cleansing facial scrub, facial massage, a facial mask, facial detox, and finishing withing a cooling moisturizer. The bonus of having the facial after your massage, is that the magic of the massage takes place after the therapist has finished. Most people have not experienced this as generally one is told to get up and get dressed, so many people miss out on fully being able to enjoy the massage they received. Not only will you be able to allow your body time to enjoy the benefits of the massage, but your face will be as clean and refreshing as your body. A clean body only showcases a clean face that much more. We look forward to your booking of our July Spa Promotion