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Spa Policies

Please refrain from loud speaking, talking on mobiles, and NO SPEAKERPHONES ALLOWED, as we wish all guests to enjoy their time here in the spa.

The Spa Is a Non-Smoking Establishment.

This is to maintain the Aromas and benefits of all the scents in the spa for all customers. If you must smoke, please feel free to do so OUTSIDE OF THE SPA. Any smoking in the rooms, will NOT be tolerated, the offender will be asked to leave and pay for the full amount of the services, as well as down time/cleaning of the room to eliminate the smell/contamination of the smoke. The Spa has the right to refuse treatment for health reasons, injuries, poor hygiene, rude/poor manners, abusive talk to the staff, harassment of any kind physical or verbal. If your treatment has begun, and you are asked to leave, you shall be responsible for the cost of the treatment booked.

Cancellations & No-Shows and Late-Shows/Arrivals:

We understand schedule changes happen, please try to contact the spa at least three (3) hours prior to your appointment time to cancel.

Any cancellations within three (3) hours shall be responsible for 50% of the cost of the treatment/services booked.

Anyone failing to show for their scheduled appointment, without contacting the spa shall be considered a "No-Show", and shall be responsible for 100% of the treatment/services booked.

Late arrivals due to traffic or other means when we are providing transportation shall be afforded the full amount of time for the treatments/services requested.


Thai Massage:
Shirt & Pants will be provided for you to change into for your Thai Massage. Aromatherapy Oil Massage/All other massages & Body Treatments: Underwear/Panties will be provided for your comfort/convenience, to wear them is optional.

Facial Treatments:

When only having a Facial treatment, you will be asked to remove your shirt/blouse and you will be covered with a towel, as we don't wish to harm/stain your clothing.

Sexual Harassment:

Will not be tolerated, either by our guests or from our Staff, please notify Management Immediately if you feel you have been the victim of inappropriate behavior.

We do not offer nor condone the solicitation of any sexual acts/services.

If for any reason the Therapist must stop a session for inappropriate behavior sexual or otherwise, you will be responsible for the cost of the entire session and asked to leave the premises.

It shall be at management's discretion to provide return transportation if you are asked to leave, otherwise you shall bear the cost and responsibility of obtaining your own transportation.

It is our sincerest wish, that everyone is able to take time to Relax for a Longer Life.

Late arrivals due to our driver waiting at the pick-up "hotel"/location shall be accommodated as reasonably possible. Should our driver have to wait more than 15 minutes, your service time may be decreased so as not to inconvenience any other customers.

Late Arrivals when you come on your own: we shall do our best to give you the full allotted time for the services requested, however, should that not be possible, you will be required to pay for the full amount of the service/treatment requested.


Bookings may be made online via our website ( We do our best to reply to all requests within 24 hours.

Online bookings made within three (3) hours of the requested start time cannot be guaranteed, however, we shall do our best to accommodate your request.

Any promotions listed on the website are for those bookings made via the website.

Any bookings/reservations made by third (3rd) parties (i.e. travel agents, concierges, Hotel Reception..) shall not be afforded any additional discounts or promotions other than what the 3rd party has booked and reserved for you. When using a 3rd party agent you must clear any promotions or discounts with the 3rd party agent.

Any Changes or additional requests, additions to the number of guests, to any bookings/reservations confirmed via the website, please reply to your confirmation email for any additions/changes or questions.


We are happy to provide transportation to/from hotels within the City of Chiang Mai. Please note that "Chiang Mai" is both a city and a province.

If you wish to be dropped off somewhere other than your hotel/pick-up location, please advise the Receptionist at the start of your treatment, so arrangements may be made. Any requested locations outside of the City of Chiang Mai, shall incur an additional fee.


Please leave all valuables in your room/hotel/guesthouse: Boxes are provided for you to place your jewelry, lockers are also provided for your convenience. The Spa is not responsible for lost, misplaced or forgotten items. We are happy to hold your luggage in our office while you enjoy spa, however, please keep all valuables/non-replaceable items with you, in the box provided, or locker during your time here at Cheeva Spa.

Shower usage:

Please arrive to the spa freshly showered/bathed as this will not reduce the amount of time for your spa treatment.

Showers are available upon request.

Please note: It is not the policy of the spa to offer showers after an oil massage, it is best to allow the oils/essential oils to stay on the body for approximately two (2) hours for the maximum benefit.

We are an urban day spa, please be considerate of your time when showering/dressing/drying hair after your spa treatment. As any transportation provided is coordinated, and any waiting time, may result in an additional fee for transportation, or an extended delay in transportation to be provided.

Strength/Pressure of Massage:

Please note that we are a Thai Lanna spa. As such, we do not believe a massage should be 'painful'.

We understand that some modalities, primarily those of the Chinese traditional methods (i.e. tui na, Chinese reflexology, acupressure..) may be quite vigorous and with great pressure. We do NOT do that here. The staff is happy to accommodate within reason, should you wish more pressure, please change the type of massage you wish to receive and pay any additional costs.

If at anytime you are in pain during your spa session, PLEASE let the therapist know and he/she will adjust accordingly.