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Green Promotional 2.5 Only 2,700 ฿

Green  Promotional 2.5 Only 2,700 ฿

     This package begins with a foot massage, to help you relax and settle in for the treatments ahead. During the foot massage the Therapist will be able to assess your body during the foot massage. After your foot massage, you will then enjoy our all natural Roselle and Himalayan Salt Scrub. This scrub is a natural skin whitener as well as the many benefits of roselle (an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, aids in managing blood pressure) including the mineral rich Himalayan salt. This will leave your skin and body properly prepared to maximize the effects of our Signature massage. The Cheeva Signature massage combines with out signature massage oil, that helps to relax and increase the blood-flow of the body. The Therapist will not only target and focus on those areas previously identified by you, but will further help you to release and let go of the tension in your body. Using a special combination of techniques and combined in a way to maximize the results of Thai massage, Swedish massage, Balinese Massage, and Lomi-lomi, you'll be left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to enjoy our signature dessert. We finish with the best Mango and Sticky Rice in Chiang Mai. We do all this so you may Relax for a Longer Life.

     All of this for only 2,700฿ and 2.5 hrs of your time. The best gift you can give yourself and/or friend.

Book now, Complimentary transportation included for all hotels within the City of Chiang Mai.

** Promotional offers may not be combined.**